Geo-Data Converter CVT-Pro

Conversion of Measuring data

CVT-Pro is easy to use and features the fast and reliable conversion of various geodetic data formats.

Supported file formats:

  • CAD DXF (import up to AutoCad 2019, export AutoCad R12)
  • CST/Berger (CST)
  • Geodimeter (ARE)
  • Leica GSI-8 and GSI-16
  • Microsoft Excel (CSV)
  • REB DA11 (for area calculations in accounting software on RoboStation-XML basis)
  • REB DA30, 45, 49
  • RoboStation XML
  • Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG)
  • Sokkia SDR33
  • Text with arbitrary format
  • Topcon (KOR)

Basic object types are 3D-polygons consisting of points and edges. Object types like circles, ellipses, splines, etc. are automatically converted into corresponding 3D-polygons.

Available options:

  • scaling
  • coordinate swap
  • add midpoints of circles
  • add pointnumbers or coordinates as text
  • Highlight polygon points
  • Replacing blocks through anchor points
  • and many others...

CVT-Pro supports layers well known from standard CAD software. Point- and polygon-categories (RoboStation XML-format) are supported as well.

Beyond the features of the converter’s standard version, which is delivered together with the PlanAssistant fieldbook, CVT-Pro comes along with most useful functions.

Function CVT CVT Pro
Read/write RoboStation-files (XML)
Read/write CAD-files (DXF)
Read/write spread sheet-files (CSV)
Read/write arbitrary text format (TXT)
Read/write Leica GSI-8 and GSI-16
Write REB DA11 for area calculation
Read/Write REB DA30, 45, 49
Write SVG-Data
Command line control
Graphical user interface
Drag & Drop of files and folders
Conversion of entire folders
Add midpoints of circles at the DXF import
Read DXF blocks
Add point numbers in DXF
Read point numbers from DXF
Add coordinates as text in DXF
Add comments in DXF
Text output in DXF
Read/write surfaces in DXF (3DFACE)
Coordinate scaling
Coordinate swap
Definition of own formats with XSLT and AWK

Most naturally, the Pro-Version (like the standard version) dovetails perfectly with our RoboStation Center software.

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