Even more functionality for BricsCAD.


CADTool is an easy to use application that extends BricsCAD with additional features. You can easily add points to a polyline, move existing points or add corner points. CADTool optimizes your workflow by integrating already installed AndroTec products like Geo-Data Converter or Kubatura.

Main Features

  • New Polyline: Use this function to create new 3D-Polylines.
  • Edit Polyline: This mode allows editing of 2D- and 3D-Polylines.
    It indicates dX, dY, dZ, dXY, dXYZ values.
  • Distance measurement: This feature can be used to get the distance between two points.
  • Cancel (ESC): Cancels any operation and resembles pressing the Escape key. Useful on tablets without (overlay) keyboard.
  • Open/Save: This option is only available in combination with the AndroTec Geo-Data Converter and allows easy Import/Export of plans to/from surveying file formats like CSV, TXT, Sokkia SDR33, Leica GSI, REB (DA30, DA45, DA4) and more.
  • Kubatura: This option is only available in combination with AndroTec Kubatura. It launches the application within the directory of your current CAD drawing.

Intuitive Polygon Editing

  • Selection of the control point to be edited graphically by mouse or by keyboard command
  • In addition to the selection point, a selection edge is also displayed
  • Functions for editing control points such as deleting, moving or adding
  • Functions for editing edges such as closing, opening or inserting corner points
    (by intersection calculation or perpendicular projection)
  • Functions related to multiple polylines such as Split, Merge, or New Polyline

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